Language Packs

The following languages are planned…

  • Chinese (Simplified)

  • Chinese (Traditional)

  • Chinese (Hong Kong)

  • Chinese (Macao)

  • Chinese (Singapore)

  • Chinese (Taiwan)

  • Japanese

  • Japanese

  • German

  • Russian

  • French

  • Italian

  • Spanish

  • Spanish (Mexico)

  • Portugese

  • Portugese (Brazil)

  • Malaysian

  • Indonesian

  • Korean

  • Polish

  • Hungarian

  • Dutch

  • Swedish

  • Danish

  • Finnish

  • Norwegian

  • Thai

  • Arabic

 If you don’t see a language listed that you would really like us to support, please contact us.

Language Packs are single DLL files, so they are very easy to install.  Just drop them into the application folder.


A world of translation flags

If you would like to help translate Draggin’ Chart to any of these languages, or a language not listed, please contact us.

We have tools that make the process very easy.  

You must speak English and the language you wish to translate.  You must also be familiar with common computer terms and practices in the language to be translated.