Draggin’ Chart – Standard Edition

Power to meet your needs while keeping it simple!

This is our flagship product and is intended to be the follow up to the very popular Cricket Graph program of two decades ago.

Draggin’ Chart - Standard Edition is so easy to use, watch the chart being drawn as you enter each data point!

Click a chart type in the gallery and watch your data instantly appear using that chart type.  Click back and forth between various chart types, see your data transformed into beautiful charts.  No need to decide which chart type works best, try them all!

Now to really wow them, turn any chart into a 3D chart with one click.

What’s more, rotate the chart to get the best angle just by dragging the chart.  Move, re-size or change any element in the chart. 

Draggin' Chart brings back the concept pioneered by Cricket Graph that allows you to double-click an item in the chart and change that item including axes, chart title, legend, data points , images or text.

Draggin' Chart is so easy to use, you'll be surprised at just how flexible it is at customizing charts.

  • Extremely easy to use
  • Based on "double-click to change" concept
  • One click conversion from 2D to 3D
  • Use your mouse to drag and rotate chart in 3D
  • Use color gradients throughout the chart to add that extra pizzazz
  • Create and apply your own color palettes
  • Edit any data point and see the chart updated instantly
  • Extensive import and export options
  • Flexible tools to add emphasis to the chart (images, text, drag lines and series bands)
  • Curve fits and statistical tables can be placed on chart
  • Set transparency levels on most chart elements for cool effects
  • Available in several languages with more to come (simple downloads)
  • Draggin’ Chart – Standard Edition
  • Draggin’ Chart – Standard Edition
  • Draggin’ Chart – Standard Edition
  • Draggin’ Chart – Standard Edition
  • Draggin’ Chart – Standard Edition

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  • The following types of charts can be displayed using your data.  You can click on each chart type in the gallery and watch your data instantly drawn with that chart type.  No need to recreate different chart types from scratch or reenter and modify your data.

    • Scatter (2D & 3D)
    • Line with or without symbols (2D & 3D)
    • Area (Normal, Stacked, Percentage Stacked - 2D & 3D)
    • Bar (Normal, Stacked, Percentage Stacked, Stacked Behind - 2D & 3D)
    • Combination of Point, Line, Area or Bar (2D & 3D)
    • Pie with Exploded Slices (2D & 3D)
    • Donut with Exploded Slices (2D & 3D)
    • Polar (2D Only)
    • Histogram (2D Only)


    • 12 different symbols available for scatter, line and polar charts.
    • 6 different types of drawing options for bar charts
    • In addition to color, patterns can be selected for area, bar, pie and donut charts (useful for black and white printing)


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  • Unique to Draggin Chart, IntelliFormat is a rules based engine that looks at your data and the selected chart type and intelligently picks the best options to make that chart look good without your intervention.  In most cases you will not need to alter chart features to get a professionally designed chart.  You can turn this feature off and customize your chart with hundreds of options available.


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  • Double-Click and edit chart elements such as..

    • Chart Title
    • Legend
    • Bottom (X) Axis
    • Left (Y) Axis
    • Right (Y2) Axis
    • Chart Background
    • Drag Lines
    • Data Labels
    • Images placed on chart page
    • Text annotations  placed on chart page

    Drag chart elements and re-position on page including...

    • Chart Panel
    • Chart Legend
    • Chart Title
    • Drag Lines
    • Any images placed on chart page
    • Any text annotations placed on chart page


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    • Two column data grid operates very similar to a spreadsheet
    • Each series has it's own tab page for data entry and adjusting series options
    • Extensive formatting of data on each column
    • Designed to operate on two columns (x,y) of up to 9,999 data points per series
    • Up to 9 series per chart
    • Cut, Copy and Paste data from text files or Excel
    • Automatically generate random data of various types
    • Generate data using mathematical functions


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    • Import Excel (xls and xlsx format)
    • Import Open Document (ods) files
    • Import Tab Delimited Text files
    • Import Comma Delimited Text files
    • Import Cricket Graph files
    • Import CA-Cricket Graph III files (without column formulas)
    • Import Images and place on chart page


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    • Copy charts to the clipboard as an image - you specify the size of the image
    • Save charts as images (jpg, gif, bmp, tiff and png) - you specify the size of the image
    • Save charts without data as templates so you can reuse your customized settings over and over on new data
    • Flexible printing - specify margins or actual size of chart


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    • Generate random series data for chart using our extensive options
    • Generate series data from an equation using our extensive Function Generator
    • Drag lines can be placed and positioned on the chart to represent boundaries (Horizontal or Vertical)
    • Area between two line series can be highlighted with color
    • Add data labels on each point in the chart using a variety of formats

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    • One of several types of curve fits can be generated and displayed for each series
    • Calculated curve fit equations may be placed on the chart page
    • Generate a statistical table for a series and place it on the chart page


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    • 50 MB of Hard Drive space
    • 4 GB of Memory
    • Video Display with resolution of at least 1024 x 768
    • Compatible with the following operating systems...

    Windows (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8)
    Mac OSX (coming very soon!)
    Linux (coming very soon!)
    Android (coming soon!)


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  • We saved the best for last!

    Get all this power and flexibility (with great simplicity of course) for only $99

    This price includes a license allowing you to install and operate Draggin' Chart on up to 3 machines.  The 3 machines can include a combination of any of our supported OS platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux).  For instance, you may install a copy on your work computer running Linux, your laptop computer running Windows 8 and your tablet running Android*.

    *Note Android version has not been released yet but is coming.

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    Educational version is free if you qualify.