Draggin’ Chart – Educational Edition

We at Draggin’ Software decided early on to help teachers and students by providing a free version of the software so as not to impact anyone’s budget.  If you are a teacher, then please apply for a licensed copy of the Education Edition.  We want you to have this software, for free!

The questions in the form below are not to weed you out and restrict access, but to help us understand how you plan to use the software.  There may be an opportunity for us to help or to modify the software to meet your needs based on the input we get from these questions.  We want to work with you.

It is also important that you tell us how many copies you need in the form below.  Your license will give you that number of registered versions.  Each registered copy is specific to a computer, so once you enter the license code on a computer, that software from that machine will not run on another machine and you have used one of your licenses.  Don’t over estimate by a lot, you can always contact us if a copy needs to be moved to another machine or if you need more copies.  We can reset the license for you, no problem.

Now for the legal stuff…


The Educational License prohibits all commercial uses of the program. Educational licenses are available exclusively to non-commercial, accredited educational institutions K – 12 and their employees.

Use of the program is expressly restricted to use in teaching.  Administrative use of the program is considered a commercial application and thus not allowed under the Educational License policy.

If you feel you qualify, please contact us using the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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Terms: We reserve the right to request written proof of eligibility at any time. Proof of eligibility is a legally binding written statement demonstrating that an institution or employer qualifies as an officially accredited educational institution. By ordering an educational license you agree to submit proof of eligibility upon request. If you fail to demonstrate eligibility, you will be charged the difference in price to the standard version.

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Thanks for your input and interest!