Cricket Graph History

Cricket Graph was a standards setting charting package, that for the first time gave users the power to create sophisticated charts and graphs with a very simple graphical interface.  It was introduced in 1985 on the innovative Macintosh computer which had just been introduced.  Designed and programmed by Jim Rafferty, it quickly became a leader in graphics software.


cricket_graph_cover classic_cricket_graph


Cricket Graph was the standard to which all others were compared.  It was written for the Mac computers with a PC version developed later on. The interface and flexibility of the program made it easy to use and customize.  Cricket Graph was sufficiently advanced and state of the art as to include Steve Jobs and Bill Gates as self-proclaimed admirers.  Jobs even offered one of the very first NeXT machines to allow Cricket to port Cricket Graph to this new platform.

cricket_draw_coverCricket Software later introduced Cricket Draw, Cricket Paint and Cricket Presents.  Cricket Software also introduced a complete line of high resolution color print drivers for the leading printers and film recorders of its time.

Upheavals in the company forced Jim Rafferty out and Cricket Software was quickly sold to Computer Associates, who updated and kept the product alive for a few more years.  It was then dropped from the marketplace.

Cricket Graph became a standard in most of the publishing and print industry, was a critical part of most research labs and universities and was used by NASA, the KGB, the America’s Cup and many other large corporations.

People are still using Cricket Graph in their workplace even after 29 years, which says a lot, because these same people have to keep and maintain an old Macintosh computer just to run the software. Cricket Graph continued to work up until the release of Mac OSX was introduced and then it failed, showing its age.

Our goal is to replace Cricket Graph using completely rewritten and newer technology and satisfy the needs of Cricket Graph’s loyal users.

As the original designer of Cricket Graph, Jim thinks this new version is even easier to use!  You be the judge, download a free 30 day trial.

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