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Have a lot of data files that you saved in Cricket Graph?  Don’t know what to do with them and you NEED that data?

We are well on our way to development and release of a utility that will batch all those Cricket Graph data files you’ve accumulated over the last 29 years.

  • Build a batch list of all your Cricket Graph files
  • Save to Draggin’ Chart format
  • Save to Excel format (especially useful for keeping multi-column formulas intact)
  • One click conversion of all files in batch list




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We are always looking for some data files to use as test cases, especially CA-Cricket Graph III files(they can be so complex and we are literally reverse engineering the format). Please zip multiple files into one zip archive and then send that.

Do not send any files in which you consider your data to be confidential. We won't share these files with anyone outside of our company engineers but we still wouldn't want to compromise your data.

Thanks, we appreciate your help!

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