Introducing Draggin’ Chart….


Draggin’ Chart is an extremely easy to use graphics software package for charts.


I know, I know.  Everyone claims to be easy to use, but this software is designed by the same guy who created the very popular Cricket Graph package on the Macintosh in the mid to late 80′s.  Cricket Graph was used worldwide, even the KGB placed an order!  Even today people are commenting on blogs about how they miss the software (hasn’t been updated since 1995).  Several folks online claim they keep an old version of the Macintosh Operating System just so they can continue to use Cricket Graph.

Next Generation Cricket Graph is now Draggin' Chart

Now Jim Rafferty has come up with the next generation of charting software and it’s even better than the original Cricket Graph.  Technology and user interface design has come a long way since the late 80′s and now Draggin’ Chart brings you an unprecedented charting software that is so easy to use that it can be used to teach kids how to chart in elementary to middle schools, yet powerful enough to satisfy most professionals.

Why Draggin’ Chart and why now after so many years after Cricket Graph was retired by the company that had bought it?  Jim kept having dreams during sleep that doing the next generation of charting software was the right thing to do but he ignored these dreams for over a year thinking that in 27 years surely there are some awesome charting packages out in the market.  One day he decided to Google and see what he could find.  To his surprise, everything he looked at was expensive and more importantly, very difficult to use.  A few lower cost alternatives were so difficult to use that even after 30 minutes Jim couldn’t get a decent chart to display.  Jim had learned back in the old days that to make the software popular, folks needed to get a chart up and running quickly.  The interface had to be very intuitive and changes to the chart had to be very easy and quick.  Cricket Graph was famous for that.  The new Draggin’ Chart allows you to get a chart up and running quickly in less than 30 seconds!

jim rafferty author of Cricket GraphCricket Graph was also famous for allowing you to double click on a chart area, such as an axis, and change its properties in the dialog box that appears.  Draggin’ Chart brings back that easy to use style.

In fact, Jim thinks the new Draggin’ Chart makes Cricket Graph look and feel archaic, after all, Cricket Graph is 27 years old and a lot has changed.


Here are some of the features of Draggin’ Chart…

Draggin’ Chart is based on the concept that you only need two columns of data to create the most popular charts.  They are usually referred to as the x and y data and this constitutes a series of data (x, y data pair).  The x values are charted along the bottom axis in most cases and can be numbers, dates or category labels.  The y axis, or vertical left axis, can only be numbers.

Basic Draggin Chart Window

Taking this into account, Draggin’ Chart has a charting area on the left side and a grid for data entry on the right side.  As you enter data you see the points being charted as you enter them.  It’s that easy!


Along the top you can click on large chart buttons to select the type of chart you wish to display.  Any chart type can be viewed as one of the other chart types just by clicking on the appropriate button along the top.  This makes selecting the best chart type to get the message you want to get across easy to choose.  Any chart can be instantly converted to display any of the other chart types.


Now to really wow them, you can turn any chart into a 3D chart by just clicking the “3D View” box at the bottom of the the window.

Draggin' Chart 3DBar Chart

What’s more, you can rotate the chart to get the best angle just by dragging on the chart in the window.  The chart can be easily resized, repositioned and it’s legend and title also moved in position.  Double clicking on either axes, title or legend (even in 3D mode) let’s you easily change the properties of that chart component.

Draggin' Chart 3D Pie Chart with Exploded slice

The Windows Version will be available first, but soon after versions will be available for Android, iOS, Mac OS and Linux.







Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.