• Powerful & Easy!

    Powerful & Easy!

    Create charts instantly with it’s intuitive interface and “double-click to change” model.  

    Just enter data and watch the chart appear as each value is entered.


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  • Intelligent Formatting

    Intelligent Formatting

    IntelliFormat” helps you can create snazzy looking charts.  

    You don’t have to change a thing to get that professional look.


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  • Be Creative. Experiment.

    Be Creative. Experiment.

    Can’t decide which chart type looks best.  


    Click on the gallery of charts and watch your data instantly appear in each chart type.


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  • Change Anything Instantly.

    Change Anything Instantly.

    Don’t like something in the chart, just double-click it to change it.  

    Though simple to use, Draggin’ Chart lets you change just about anything on the chart.


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  • One-Click 3D

    One-Click 3D

    With one click you can convert most charts into a 3D chart.  

    It’s that simple!  No fuss, no starting from scratch.  

    Don’t like it?  One click and your back to 2D.


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  • Edit in 3D

    Edit in 3D

    Adjust rotation, elevation, zoom and 3D depth with just your mouse.  

    Watch as your chart changes in real-time.


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  • Add Images

    Add Images

    Add images to your charts.  

    Select borders and set transparency levels for a watermark effect.  

    Reposition and resize interactively.


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  • Add Curve Fits

    Add Curve Fits

    Apply curve fits to series.

    Add computed equations to chart with vital statistics for the curve.  


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  • Add Drag Lines

    Add Drag Lines

    Set visual boundaries. with drag lines. 

    Total control on both horizontal and vertical drag lines including color, style, width and position.  

    Add as many as you want.


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  • Import Data

    Import Data

    Draggin’ Chart allows you to import data with drag and drop ease.  

    Combine data from multiple sources…

    Microsoft Excel
    Open Office
    Text files
    Old Cricket Graph files

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  • Create Combinations

    Create Combinations

    Combine scatter, line, area and bar into one chart.  

    Total control of how each series is displayed.

    Hundreds of options to choose from.


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  • Exploded Pie

    Exploded Pie

    Explode one or more slices of a Donut or Pie chart to emphasize your data.  

    Rotate the slices to get that “just right” visual.


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  • Polar Chart

    Polar Chart

    Have cyclical data you need to chart?

    Draggin’ Chart can display data using a polar axis.  

    See patterns in your data that an x,y chart can’t show you.


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Recent Comments

Please notify me when the Draggin Software becomes available. I still use my Cricket Graph and love it but I am worried that when my old Mac breaks down, it will be the end of my favorite program. And I have now switched mostly to PC so it would be great to also switch my graphics program. Thank you.

Thanks Jim.  I miss Cricket Graph every single time I make a graph.

Yes, I am one of those people who keep an old Mac around to use Cricket Graph, but now my old Mac is dead and need something current.

Finished my Ph.D. using your wonderful software, cannot wait for the new version.

Rock On Jim!